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Time continues to fly by. You're not getting any younger. Stress, poor sleep, and obesity are at their highest levels ever. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to reignite peak health & performance!

This eBook guides you through the proven, science-backed protocol and system used by hundreds of executives. With this, you can reverse aging, perform at your best, and create the kind of impact you were called to make at home and in the workplace. 

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(Free for a limited time)

(Free for a limited time)

Fed-up with being out of shape? Not living your full potential?

In this ebook, discover:

  • Why Some Are Performing & You Are Not
  • Aging & its 5 Deadly Downsides
  • Why We Age & Why We Don’t Have To
  • 3 Reasons Health & Performance Decline as We Age
  • 3 Essential Phases to Reignite Peak Health & Performance
  • The #1 Strategy used by High Performers to Kick Start Performance 
  • How to Maximize Recovery with 5 Proven Steps Get a Great Night’s Sleep
  • The Secret to Fueling Performance & Maximizing Energy
  • Additional Free Resources

(Free for a limited time)

(Free for a limited time)

What Others Are Saying

"Lost 25 pounds in the first 40 days of the challenge and went on to lose 100 pounds in just over a year."


"I am so thankful Fit Life taught me how to live in a healthier way. I lost 9% of my body weight."


"My sugar levels returned to a good range, I went down three belt sizes, and increased lifts in the gym."


“My testosterone level increased naturally from 611 to 771 in 6 months, my hair has grown back fuller, I’m in better moods, improved lifts in the gym, and body fat dropped from 11% to 7%. Thank you!”

- JP

“I regulated my blood sugar levels, so could stop taking insulin, and the biggest achievement is how I feel. The difference in my gut health, energy and motivation is astounding.” 


“After a broken foot, I had gained weight, and was preparing for a 28 mile hike for charity. The support and accountably really helped me. I lost weight & completed the hike!” 

Patrick O’Donnell


Patrick is a devoted husband and father, Executive Health & Performance Advisor, best selling author, speaker, host of the Live Fit Ignite Change Podcast, Co-Founder of Inrive Performance Nutrition, and Founder of the Fit Life Protocol. 
After the 2008 real estate market crash, he left his position in that industry, wondering how he’d support his family. He took a step back to discover and document the habits of top-performers. Those best-practices led to a way of life that optimized performance and helped him stay fit to enjoy life with active children.

Based on those principles, in 2016, he founded the Fit Life Challenge in the CrossFit gym he owned with his brother to empower members to get fit in all areas of life. His agency created the marketing for well-being programs at Fortune 500 companies, leading to thousands living a better life.

He and his wife had a family dream to travel the world for a year with their two boys, so Patrick automated his agency, and they created incredible memories together around the world.

Over the years, Fit Life expanded into a corporate and community well-being program and membership that’s helped hundreds of executives to ignite peak and health and performance to improve sleep, cognitive ability and energy, while reducing stress and literally turning back the clock of aging.
As host of the Live Fit Ignite Change podcast, Patrick has had the privilege of interviewing the world's top health and performance experts.  The best of advice and resources has been pulled together to help people just like you get fit and live the life you’ve always imagined!

(Free for a limited time)

(Free for a limited time)